Let’s face it, law is usually a grudge purchase. Entrepreneurs don’t mix with expensive and intimidating attorneys.

I’ve been providing legal services to entrepreneurs exclusively since 2013 ( after many years in Big Law).  No matter how affordable my fees were there were always businesses that could not afford them and our reach would always be limited by how many clients we could see physically.

I realised that there were affordable digital business services for entrepreneurs that solved every need except legal. If you’re an entrepreneur you usually search for templates online, which may not be suitable for South African law, or get them from a friend.  Even then you may not know how to amend the template for your needs. Even then you might know you need a specific document but you don’t know what you don’t know and there could be a range of other business risks that you haven’t considered.

I believe Kleva Contracts bridges the gap by removing expensive overheads usually associated with law firms (a casual drive through Sandton tells you were your money is going) and passing on the savings to the entrepreneur without losing out on quality and relevance.

We have a strong focus on education and every document is accompanied by a simple video which will equip you with working knowledge of legal concepts.  We aim to have these available in a range of South African languages.  You can also search the Legal ABCs for blog content relevant to law for entrepreneurs.

Our team of top South African attorneys keep our documents up to date and are on call to answer your questions or telecon with you to ensure that your document is suited to your business.  We want to change your mind about the law and show you how your business can grow with proper risk management.  To that end we help you build a Legal road map aimed at managing your risks and keeping you out of trouble on the journey to business success.

Try us out and let me know what you think.

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